Let’s help kids like Maureen get proper education and have a successful future

Success Factory Foundation provides disadvantaged children with the resources and opportunities they need. Not only to improve their lives but the communities they are from.

Why we do what we do?

We believe that all children should be equal, no matter where they were born. Unfortunately, there is enormous difference whether you were lucky to be born in a first world country like USA, UK or Australia or in third world countries like Uganda, Afghanistan, or Kenya.

This was not our choice, skill, or hard work. It was just pure luck. Only we, the lucky ones, can help the ones who didn’t win the “birth country lottery”.

3 ways to contribute

Become a volunteer

Become a volutneer and join one of our “Work of Hearts” volunteering trips.



100% of the donations will go to buy books, desks, chairs and other equiptment for schools.


Spread the word

Share our movement in Facebook or send it directly to your friend.


TAK Foundation

Tamalaki Education Centre is born out of the vision/ mission of TAK Foundation. TAK Foundation, fully registered in Kenya, started as a result of the post election violence in 2007/ 2008 where over 1000 people were killed, over 500.000 people displaced and many properties destroyed.

Get involved

Now is the best time to help the ones in need.