TAK Foundation


Tamalaki Education Centre is born out of the vision/ mission of TAK Foundation. TAK Foundation, fully registered in Kenya, started as a result of the post election violence in 2007/ 2008 where over 1000 people were killed, over 500.000 people displaced and many properties destroyed. This came as a result of old grievances but also as a result of lack of jobs for youths. TAK started helping with initiatives of peace building, skills training and job creation. 2017 having been an election year for Kenya, TAK works even harder to get these jobs and skills in order to give hope and maintain peace.

TAK Foundation provided help to jobless youth by:

  • Mediate and dialogue;
  • Educate and train children and youth with the aim to create jobs to earn their living.
  • Supporting innovative grassroots initiatives that are using locally available materials and resources to create a lasting impact in the lives of the disadvantaged poor communities.
  • Bring hope, love and life in all aspects.

Areas of Work

TAK focuses on various counties in Kenya an Uganda using programs that empower children, youths and communities.
The picture below shows that TAK Foundation has 3 main areas of work: Education, water and sanitation, the SEED program (social economic enterprise development) and the social enterprise TAK Tours (tour company) and drilling company TAK Water. Each has its own registration in Kenya. The school (Tamalaki) is fully registered under the Ministry of Education.

Success Factory Foundation is helping to construct and furnish classrooms for a vocational training school in Kenya.

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